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leczenie-raka-prostaty  Cardio
One of the new treatments for prostate cancer is cardiac surgery. this includes the introduction of the instrument inside the prostate, which is disposed directly in the center of a small tumor. Liquid hydrogen is a particularly low temperature is then injected through the instrument into cancer.

It freezes the cancerous cells and thus destroys them. Cardio is another technique for treating prostate cancer, but most urological surgeries is not sufficiently equipped to use them.

Laser Surgery
Research on the use of laser in the treatment of prostate underway since 1989, when he was initiated at the University of California at San Diego by Dr. Israela Barkena as an alternative to radical prostatectomy. It can be performed in patients who are not candidates for open surgery.

At diagnosis of cancer must take place in conjunction przezcewkowym incision of the prostate. The rest of the cancer tissue located near the capsule of the prostate can be destroyed by laser photocoagulation. This is possible because the laser effectively destroys cancer cells to 5 to 6 mm into tissue.

The results are approximately the same as in the case of external or internal radiation therapy. Braken Doctor believes that the use of laser in patients with prostate cancer has 7 major advantages.

Laser surgery

  •     It is almost painless
  •     It requires no anesthesia or local anesthesia only
  •     Not accompanied by bleeding
  •     Her conduct does not take much time
  •     Can be repeated many times without any side effects and performed in simple steps
  •     Many of them can be performed in a doctor’s office
  •     Many of them can be performed in the hospital, but outpatient

Hormone therapy
Male hormones, production mainly in the testicles, help in the growth of the prostate. One of the radical ways to eliminate male hormones from the body man is the surgical removal of both testicles.

If the patient is unable to tolerate the operation physically or mentally, the same razultat can be achieved using the female hormone estrogen. It is a little pill called DES, dosed at 3 mg per day.

Just as the removal of the testicles, DES reduced in most patients no sex drive and allows you to achieve penile erection. A man has to count with some modifications, such as breast enlargement, slower growth in the face and some facial hair nieznacne changes in the shape of male figure. meżczyznomte many small transformations may be worth the effect of control, or even stop growth of cancer; przeciętnir have against each other even 1.3 or 10 years of age.

Chemotherapy is associated with a public way to treat cancer. Currently it is believed that used in the treatment of „chemistry” in any form, even acetosalicylowego acid, is chemotherapy.

With respect to cancer chemotherapy is the method of killing the cells. unfortunately beyond the bad cells, it kills or damages cells of a large amount of good. it can be used to treat certain types of cancer, but it is not effective for the treatment of prostate cancer.

But now there are constantly new drugs and new combinations. Perhaps in the future, some chemotherapy can work very effectively. Currently, in relation to prostate cancer is not very effective.

The benefits do not always outweigh the harmful side effects such as hair loss, chronic fatigue, nausea and general feeling of nausea and depression.

This way your doctor is trying to strengthen the patient’s natural defense against all diseases, including cancer. The immune system is a complex mechanism, which is constantly learning more and more to dowiadje.

Immunotherapy is now combined with certain types of chemotherapy to treat more advanced stages of certain cancers.

One of the drugs in use today is interferon, which made a breakthrough among the methods of treatment of cancer. However, before including it does not take a strong, established position, can not be ruled

to speak clearly about the consequences of actions. Although it may in future become a powerful weapon in the fight against cancer.

Approximately 100 000 men per year falls on prostate cancer in the U.S.. of this number about 2800 umrzez cancer. Prostate cancer is the third leading cause of cancer deaths in men in the United States.

What should you do

  •     If you have more than 50 years, insist on a medical examination by a finger prostate rectum once a year
  •     At the same time demands of fasting serum prostate specific antigen at the same time, even if you pay for that extra $ 50. This may reveal cancer in your prostate, if the finger it will not disclose
  •     Admit your early symptoms of prostatic hypertrophy. If the symptoms are increasing rapidly, say within 3-6 months, see your doctor. this may be an aggressive type of cancer, not prostate adenoma.
  •     Remember that the best way to beat prostate cancer is its early detection. Connect with your research prostate mammograią your wife.


tradycyjna-chirurgia-stercza  Currently, nearly 95% of all prostate operations performed by the standard method electroresection przecewkowej prostate.

Elektroresekcję transurethral performed using a surgical instrument inserted through the urethra. This is done after the application of anesthesia.

Instrument for surgery is rigid tube, hollow, which ends at the level of prostatic urethral stenosis within the prostate. Through the interior of the tube urologist introduces a set of micro-optical, called Resectoscope.

The device contains fiber, lenses and electric cutting loop gland using electric current. The light inside the coil allows the operator to see the place operated. Adenoma tissue was cut out moving electric loop, which is made of wire and extends from the tube introduced through the coil. Electricity is supplied to the loop by the control switch to foot surgeon. During surgery the surgeon observed the course of treatment FOR IN eyepiece placed at the outer end of the instrument just beyond the summit of the penis.

If you experience heavy bleeding inside the coil, push another button and the bleeding vessel, closed by coagulation, bleeding stops. Operations carried out under conditions of constant flow of flushing fluid.

If the surgeon finds that remove most of the enlarged prostate, parings and washings are adenoma tissue from the bladder by Usov rinsing and sent to the pathologist who examines them to determine if there are no hidden features of prostate cancer.

The surgeon may decide to remove the greater part of the prostate, but never damage the surgical capsule of the gland. This is a new cavity, which was created by the enlargement of the prostate, now become the urinary canal.

This means that the enlarged prostate tissue grows in about the urethra gradually shutting down its light, and narrowing it. Interior walls have been cut during the coil cutting a new channel in the overgrown prostate tissue.

After the surgery to the bladder shall be flexible, thin rubber or plastic catheter through the penis and the coil in order to ensure the free outflow of urine.

The catheter is left for several days because of the possibility of bleeding from the prostate, which can always occur. When the catheter is removed, the patient should again be able to urinate normally. The catheter used after the operation has three channels. One is used for irrigation and leaching saline bladder. Flushing is usually used during the first 24 hours after surgery. The second channel is designed catheter to drain urine, and the third is at the end of a small fiber, which fills up, so that the catheter does not fall from the bladder.

Most patients feel well enough to get out of bed after the first postoperative day and already quite well after 4 days. Catheter to drain urine remains in the bladder for about two days after the surgery is painless and Usov.

The surgeon pumped liquid from the balloon and catheter itself Usov simply of a coil. The next day, the majority of patients is printed and sent back home. Time in the hospital is two days. Many patients undergoing this treatment takes oral antibiotics for 1-2 weeks after surgery, prophylactically, to prevent infection.

Postoperative suggestions urologist will probably seek to encourage the patient to temporarily resigned from hot baths to showers, limit the amount of fluids, avoid spicy food and constipation.

You should not be for some time to play ball. During the first two weeks after the surgery you may feel a burning sensation during urination. If such symptoms occur the patient should consult a urologist and report the occurrence of these problems, but they are not serious.

When you return to work?
You should carry out the recommendations of your doctor. Deadline for return to daily activities depends on the doctor, patient and effective healing. If you have heavy physical work, you must wait at least 6 weeks. On average, hard work will require a 3-4 week vacation. White-collar worker or official may return to work after 2 weeks.

Patients after surgery przecewkowanym should refrain from any sexual activity for about 6 weeks after surgery. This will allow for complete healing of the hollow channel in the prostate. Performed annually in the United States approximately 400 000 such operations, and this number increases with the proportion of the population of men reaching the age at which there are problems with the prostate.