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prostata-a-sex  During the excitement, the man produces four times more mucus than normal prostate. If it is not expelled during ejukacji, it remains in the gland. If this situation is repeated often, can lead to stagnation in the prostate gland. To prevent this problem, it is best to lead a normal healthy sexual intercourse.

If it is not possible, prostate massage performed by a urologist will bring relief to allow for the removal of retained secretions and reduce pain. Solution to this situation is also masturbation.

Excessive sexual intercourse in a short time, say 8 or 10 ejukacji within 2 days can be hard work for the prostate and also cause problems. On the other hand, the effect of abstinence is the accumulation of secretions, leading to stagnation and the need to massage.

If coitus interruptus is used frequently, it also can lead to stagnation in the prostate gland secretions. Partners practicing coitus interruptus should continue petting until normal ejaculation in order to prevent problems caused by, congestion in the prostate. So far, the best solution to the problem of inflammation of the prostate in men of any age is intercourse.
In bacterial prostatitis, most urologists is of the opinion that sexual activity of any kind is an ideal way to resolve the deadlock.